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Fall League

8 Year Old Group - Report to Scheels Field 1 every week (6:00-8:00pm)
Jack Johnson
Andrew  Cassanelli
Hunter Spilde
Braden Berntsen
Hudson Dahlin
Dylan Larson
Daniel Harris
Jayce Grafenauer
Dalantei Rustad
Quinn Schaff
Isaac Hart
Bentley Hart
Grayson Kiss
Connor Wocken
Caden Benke


Kinser Barrow
Henry Lents


*Please text Tommy at 218-791-5222 if you are willing to help coach.  Our program depends on volunteers for success. 




9 Year Old Group - Report to Scheels Field 2 every week (6:00pm-8:00pm) 
New teams will be formed each week





Weston Berg
Bryce Korynta
Tate Brenner
Eliot Miller
Lucas Weber
Brody Leddige
Caleb Kaufman
Jax Houser
Ethan MacKenzie
Liam Twedt
Brody Lucier
Andrew Dvorak
Logan Bina
Liam  Zeltinger
Manny Almquist 
Ethan Mason
Kellan Bouvette
Carsen Payne
Asher Straus
Nolan Marto
Alex  Straus
Tripp  Creager 
Max Geatz
Oliver Bryan 


10/11 Year Old Group - Report to Scheels Diamond 3 or 4 (as listed below...6:00pm-8:00pm)

Babe Ruth Group - Report to Apollo Field 4 (6:00pm-8:00pm)
Teams will play for the Babe Ruth Fall League World Series (best of game each week)
*Players will select their team names on week 1

General Information
Age Divisions:  
8 Year Olds:  Station Drills/Games/Competitions (46’ Pitching/60’ Bases)
9 Year Olds:  Games (46’ Pitching/60’ Bases) & Competitions
10/11 Year Olds:  Games (50’ Pitching/70’ Bases) & Competitions
12-16 Year Olds:  Games (60’ Pitching/90’ Bases)  & Competitions
*Purpose of the fall league is to prepare players for the next level and to get players more baseball experience. 
*Age Divisions will be based on the level of play from the 2019 season (Age of player on April 30, 2019)
Start Date:  July 24, 2019  
End Date:    August 28, 2019 (6 week schedule)  
Night of the week/Time: Wednesdays.  6:00pm-8:00pm. 
8 Year Olds:  This will be a program which is setup to prepare the players for 9 year old Cal Ripken Baseball.  There will be a focus on fundamentals (hitting, fielding, baserunning) along with an introduction to pitching.  Players will be divided into compete stations and rotated for the first few weeks. The last few weeks the players will play real baseball games.  
9-16 Year Olds:  Games will be played each week.  We will evaluate the game play and may insert competitions. 
8 Year Olds:  Scheels Baseball Complex
9 Year Olds:  Scheels Baseball Complex
10/11 Year Olds:  Scheels Baseball Complex
12-16 Year Olds:  Apollo Field #4