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Coaches Corner

Field Scheduling

Do not contact the Park District directly for field scheduling.  Please follow the procedures listed on the following webpages:

Gambucci Scheduling

Outdoor Field Scheduling


Information for Coaches


One goal of the Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association is to be more consistent with our teaching methods.  On this page you will find information relating to mechanics, drills, practice ideas, etc.  Our hope is that you will utilize this information so we can be assured that we are teaching the same principals from age 9-15.  

If you find that there is information that you are needing in an area that has not been covered please reach out and let us know. 

YouTube Videos

Intro to 1B Leadoffs
Sliding Techniques
Beginning Pitching Basics
Importance of Long Toss/Long Toss Throwing Program
[coming soon]

USA Baseball Mobile Coach

USA Baseball and Major League Baseball are pleased to offer the USA Baseball Mobile Coach Application. USA Baseball Mobile Coach, which is free to all users, features the ability for baseball coaches at all levels to plan practices using drills supplied in the application through the practice planning function. The app also includes information related to Pitch Smart, including guidelines, resources, and pitch counting features. Additional tools and resources are also included, and more features will be added over time. The USA Baseball Mobile Coach App features the following: Mobile interface downloadable from the Apple and Android application stores Drill library with baseball specific drill documents and videos Ability for coaches to create practice plans using the drill documents and videos Pitch Smart pitch counter allows coaches to enter players and their ages and keep track of pitch counts Additional tools and resources including a stopwatch

Guidelines Regarding Glove and Bat Sizes

Coaches are often asked to advise parents what size glove and bat to buy for their player.  Here are some guidelines:

Concerning gloves - Kids should use smaller gloves with closed webbing. Most kids want to play an infield position & a smaller glove allows them to be quicker with ball transition. Kids may need to pitch & mostly closed webbing is preferred at that position.

Stay with a youth size catcher's mitt.  A 32.5" youth catcher's mitt is a good starter. If a player gets a 1B mitt, make sure that he can catch with it.

Some kids will want larger gloves. If they predominantly play in OF, okay. Recommend a size around 11.5" for middle-infielders. There are players in high school & college using 11.5" gloves, so resist the urge for bigger gloves on SS/2B. 3B-type kids can use a slightly larger glove, but nothing above 12 inches.

Concerning bats - LL is constantly changing bat requirements. Thus, parents should know that any LL bat purchase is probably for this coming year only, maybe 2 years. Recommend 28-30" bats for 8-9U players with a drop 10-13 weight. A drop 10, means a 30 inch bat is 20 ounces. The focus should be on form. A bat that is too big and/or heavy WILL create bad habits. 

Many 10-11U players will use a 30-31" bat with a drop 10-12 weight. Many 12U players will use 31-32" bats with a drop 10-11 weight. Parents should resist the urge to buy a bat that the player can grow into. 


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