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Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken

Welcome to the 2019 Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association Season
As we look forward to the 2019 baseball season, Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association (GFYBA) would like to share our vision with you.  We want GFYBA to be part of your child’s foundation for success. Our goal is to develop athletes that become leaders in our community, now and in the future.  We are sharing this now with hopes that you will embrace this vision and help this organization to succeed. In order to fulfill this vision, we will be changing a few things for the upcoming season.  GFYBA has a recruited a great leadership staff for the 2019 season that is dedicated to a fair, fun, and positive youth baseball program.
Vision:  Inspire athletes through remarkable experiences and elevate every players potential on the field and in life.
Inspire athletes’ experiences
  1. Fun, competitive, and positive
  2. Select coaches that will develop a positive impact on our players
  3. Be more than Baseball.  Be a positive role model that looks forward to helping young athletes become successful adults in all walks of life.
  1. Coach and give opportunities to all players to grow and develop their skills as baseball players
  2. More opportunities for athletes to learn the proper way to play baseball
  3. Opportunities for athletes to participate on fun, competitive teams