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2019 Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association Fall League Operations
Age Divisions:  
8 Year Olds:  Station Drills and Games (46’ Pitching/60’ Bases)
9 Year Olds:  Games (46’ Pitching/60’ Bases)
10/11 Year Olds:  Games (50’ Pitching/70’ Bases)
12/13 Year Olds:  Games (60’ Pitching/90’ Bases)  
14-16 Year Olds:  Games (60’ Pitching/90’ Bases)  
*We may need to combine age groups depending on the number of registered players
* Purpose of the fall league is to prepare players for the next level and to get players more baseball experience.
*Age Divisions will be based on the level of play from the 2019 season (Age of player on April 30, 2019)
Start Date:  July 24, 2019  
End Date:    August 28, 2019 (6 week schedule)  
8 Year Olds:  This will be a program which is setup to prepare the players for 9 year old Cal Ripken Baseball.  There will be a focus on fundamentals (hitting, fielding, baserunning) along with an introduction to pitching.  Players will be divided into compete stations and rotated for the first few weeks. The last few weeks the players will play real baseball games.  
9-16 Year Olds:  Games will be played each week.  We will keep standings, and we might play a tournament the last week.
Night of the week: Wednesdays.  6:00pm-8:00pm.  [If we have overflow, will consider moving an age group to Monday.]
2 Divisions:  This will be decided based on the number of teams and those that sign up.
Number of Teams in Each League:  As many as numbers allow.  10-12 players per team.
Eligibility: Players from Grand Forks and surrounding communities are eligible to play in the GF Youth Baseball Fall League.
Player Evaluation & Team Formation: No travel or pre-selected teams in the league.  All players will be placed in a pool, and teams will be selected by the coordinator for equal competition.  Player evaluations will include past experience and spring evaluations. For players not associated with GF Youth Baseball, the coordinator will work closely with the player’s association to determine that players evaluation.   
8 year olds - $50
9-16 year olds - $75
*These plans are subject to potential change.  


Grand Forks Youth Baseball Summer Camp
Date:   June 24-28, 2019
Age Groups and Time Slots:
Note:  6 & 7 Year Old Age Groups Combined
6/7 year old:   9:00am-10:00am
8/9 year old: 10:00am-12:00pm  
*Age of Player on April 30, 2019
6/7 year old: $50 (1 hour per day)
8-9 year old: $100 (2 hours per day)
Scheels Youth Baseball Complex - 4301 South 20th Street, Grand Forks, ND
Tommy Grafenauer
Jerod Seaver
*Current Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association Players will be on hand to assist
6-7 Year Olds - The fundamentals of pitching, hitting, ground balls, and fly balls will be the main focus.  Players of this age group need a solid foundation of fundamentals before transitioning to game play.
8-9 Year Olds - The fundamentals of pitching, hitting, ground balls, and fly balls along with the addition of game play will be the main focus.  Players of this age group need to continue and build their foundation of fundamentals while at the same time learning game play.
  • No more than 4 kids per instructor - small instructor to player ratio ensures players are always learning and participating in drills.   
  • Fun competitive drills - Players learn best when having fun, and they have the most fun when they are involved with competition.  
  • Specifically designed to teach young players the basic skills of the game of baseball
  • Kids will learn the necessary skills, play hard, and have fun while gaining a successful understanding and awareness of the game of baseball
  • Keeps their kids active, helps them form lasting friendships, and builds their confidence.  The confidence and self-esteem they gain can be put to use in their other endeavors.